"Joining the WI has given me the chance to have some me time - it is the best thing I ever did, wish I had done it years ago."

Thursday 10th June


Zoom meeting opens 7.00pm

Meeting link will be sent out the week of the meeting to members.

For many years James was a taxi driver in Nottingham where he used to entertain his passengers with original poems that he wrote himself. After having a seizure in 2013 he had to give up his taxi and turned instead to entertaining the ladies of the WI. His light-hearted approach to life and love has been enjoyed by nearly 200 WI groups and is bound to put a smile on your face.

Be sure to bring a favourite poem along to share with the group. 


Used stamps can be dropped to M&S Whiteley in aid of the charity Solent Mind

We are still collecting for The Purple Community Fund - both  men's ties and the ring pulls from drink cans.  Keep them safe until we can meet again in person please.

WAGs news:

Membership Renewals:

Thank you to everyone who has paid their subs to renew their membership of WAGs for the next year.

If you like the look of Whiteley WAGS WI, please do get in touch using the email below as we may have spaces available.

Would you like to join the WI?

Be part of a fellowship of more than 200,000 women. Forge friendships, learn new skills and make a difference in your community by joining the largest  women's organisation in the UK.

For more information about Whiteley WAGs WI please email:


Hampshire WI Federation events:

Hampshire Federation put on a number of fundraising events every year. An exciting 'challenge' is 

Everyone's a WInner!  Please join in if you can.

"As the summer approaches why not sign up to our run/walk (cycle or swim, whatever you would like to do) challenge.

Of course, it is open to everyone in the WI or not so it would be good to get families involved too. Once you sign up on Eventbrite you will get a link to fill in further info, and then the participant will receive lots of help,motivational tips and an invitation to our challenge FB group. You'll travel virtually around Hampshire and are free to pick any distance that you would like to challenge yourself to do.

Only £15 and you'll receive a 'buff' and pin badge too."


NFWI News about Annual Meeting

- 3 guest speakers including HRH Countess of Wessex

You can now book your Observer tickets (£9) for the NFWI Virtual Annual Meeting on 8th June (10.30am to 4.30pm) via the MYWIwebsite.  Copy and paste this link into your browser:   https://mywi.thewi.org.uk/welcome-to-my-wi

If you have not yet registered on My WI, please use the email address you entered on your membership registration form (this is the one stored in MCS, the national membership database). 

If you are not sure which email address is entered in your MCS record  please contact whiteleywags@gmail.com