"Joining the WI has given me the chance to have some me time - it is the best thing I ever did, wish I had done it years ago."

August updates.

No monthly meeting in August although our annual skittles event will be taking place.


Craft club will meet  at The Talisman, Park Gate at 7.00pm. for a social get together.

Kurling will not be taking place in either July or August. 

Donations for the Acts of Kindness food bank, for those in urgent need will recommence at our September meeting.

There is a particular need for:

Meals in a Tin, Pasta Sauce Jars, Crisps, Tinned fruit, Tinned vegetables, Baked Beans, Spaghetti,

Tuna, Jam, Marmalade, Deodorant for men and women, Sugar, Coffee, Washing up Liquid.

Please ensure all items are "in date" and unopened. 

Thank you for donating if you are able to do so. 

Ideas, suggestions, recommendations - do you have any?

If so, let us know! 


Our Annual Planning Meeting is in August so please send your ideas of meetings and / or events and activities to your Cascade Group Leader by August 15th.


Alternatively, email whiteleywags@gmail.com


Thank You! 

Are you new to the area? Looking to make new friends? Try new activities?

The WI may be for you!


Whiteley WAGs WI has a couple of places available  at present (due to capacity limit of the Hall),  and there are other WIs in the area offering similar opportunities for you,

you will find a full list of WIs in Hampshire on


For full details of all the upcoming events put on by Hampshire Federation of WIs

Please see www.hampshirewi.org.uk